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Phone/Fax: (495) 771-32-38
33 Kirpichnaya Ulitsa
Postcode: 105187
Email: bischool@hse.ru


School Head — Svetlana Maltseva


Deputy Head of Research and Partnerships — Vasily Kornilov


Deputy Head for Prospective Student and Alumni Affairs — Vladimir Samodurov


Deputy Head for Academics — Olga Tsukanova


Deputy Head for International Relations — Michael Komarov

Digital Science

Tatyana Bogdanova, Davit Bidzhoyan.

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Allele fixation probability in a Moran model with fluctuating fitness landscapes

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Book chapter
Numerical Implementation of the Contact of Optimal Trajectory with Singular Regime in the Optimal Control Problem with Quadratic Criteria and Scalar Control

Alexander P. Afanas'ev, Dzyuba S. M., Emelyanova I. I. et al.

In bk.: Communications in Computer and Information Science. Vol. 974: Optimization and Applications. OPTIMA 2018. Switzerland: Springer, 2019. P. 235-246.

Working paper
Russia’s Water Resources 2030: Plausible Scenarios

Saritas O., Proskuryakova L. N., Sivaev S.

Science, Technology and Innovation. WP BRP. Высшая школа экономики, 2015. No. 42.

Representatives of School of business informatics have taken part in the 29th DAAAM International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation

For a number of years the School of business informatics participates in the autumn activities of the Danube-Adria Association for Automation and Manufacturing (DAAAM International Vienna) which are held under umbrella of annual DAAAM Week event on the basis of the oldest European higher education institutions such as Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Austria, and the University of Zadar, Croatia.

This year, DAAAM Week 2018, was held during the period from October 21st to October 28th, 2018 in Zadar, Croatia and included a number of activities for graduate students, doctoral students, researchers and scientists, such as the 29th DAAAM International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation, the 12th European DAAAM International Young Researchers’ and Scientists’ Conference, the 7th DAAAM International Doctoral School, Synergy Network Annual Workshop, activities of the Central European Branch of the International Academy of Engineering (CEB-IAE).

This fall, the School of business informatics’ Department of innovations and business in the sphere of the information technologies has supported tradition again, having prepared reports for the 29th DAAAM International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation.

The graduate of the Master’s program in Big Data Systems Attila Katona together with his supervisor professor Peter Panfilov have submitted paper prepared on the basis of results of master’s studies: Katona, A. & Panfilov, P. Building Predictive Maintenance Framework for Smart Environment Application Systems.

Also, the School of business informatics’ professors Anna Zharova, Vladimir Elin, and Peter Panfilov presented two research papers at the intersection of the information technology and information law problem areas, namely: Zharova, A., Elin, V. & Panfilov, P. Technological and Legal Issues of Identifying a Person on the Internet to Ensure Information Security, and Zharova, A., Elin, V. & Panfilov P. Electronic Document as a Tool of Digital Economy.

These works have been presented on a symposium by professor of Department of innovations and business in the sphere of information technologies P.B. Panfilov.