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Phone: +7(495) 772-9590 * 26311, 26034
119049 Moscow, Shabolovka st. 28/11, b.4, room 1203
Email: bischool@hse.ru


School Head Svetlana V. Maltseva
Deputy Head of Research and Partnerships Vasily Kornilov
Deputy Head for International Relations Mikhail M. Komarov
Deputy Head for Admissions and Alumni Affairs Vladimir Samodurov
Deputy Head for Academic Affairs Yulia Taratuhina
Book chapter
Sentiment Analysis of Product Reviews in Russian using Convolutional Neural Networks

Smetanin S., Komarov M. M.

In bk.: 2019 IEEE 21st Conference on Business Informatics (CBI). IEEE Computer Society, 2019. P. 482-486.

Working paper
Russia’s Water Resources 2030: Plausible Scenarios

Saritas O., Proskuryakova L. N., Sivaev S.

Science, Technology and Innovation. WP BRP. Высшая школа экономики, 2015. No. 42.

Mikhail Komarov Participated in 10th Internet Governance Forum

Mikhail Komarov, Associate Professor at the Department of Innovation and Business in Information Technologies, was part of HSE’s delegation at the 10th annual Internet Governance Forum, IGF. The event took place from November 11th – 13th, 2015, in João Pessoa, Brazil.

The HSE delegation included Mikhail Komarov, Associate Professor at the Department of Innovation and Business in Information Technologies, and Andrey Shcherbovich, Lecturer at theFaculty of Law Department of Constitutional and Municipal Law.

The main theme of the forum was ‘Evolution of Internet Governance: Empowering Sustainable Development’. The event attracted representatives of government bodies and private companies, as well as public and international organizations, all of whom had the opportunity to participate in informal discussions on the problems of internet governance.

HSE organized a workshop session on ‘OERs and empowerment through quality online content’ at the forum. Participants at the workshop included Olga Cavalli, Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina and President of ISOC Argentina, Mikhail Komarov and Andrey Shcherbovich from HSE, Patrick Ryan, counsel at Google, Tracy Hackshaw from DiploFoundation), Tao Xiaofeng, Professor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, chief architect of 4G broadband wireless communication system in China, and Bonface Witaba from the Centre for Youth Empowerment & Leadership (CYEL), Kenya. The discussion was dedicated to the quality of online educational content and the search for better practices for its implementation. The workshop participants answered questions from the audience both in the room and online.

HSE representatives were invited experts and speakers at workshops ‘“Internet Plus” to Fuel Industry Evolution’ organized by China Internet Network Information Center and ‘Coalition on the Internet of Things’ with the participation of Vint Cerf, vice president at Google.

The HSE delegation was also invited to a grand ceremony where the active phase of operations of O3b was announced. O3b is a Google-affiliated telecommunication company which aims to provide Internet access to those people on the planet who are not connected yet. Eric Schmidt from Google spoke at the event about the company’s strategic goals.

The UN General Assembly’s mandate for Internet Governance Forum organization expires in 2015. It is expected that the mandate will be prolonged for the next five years during the next UN General Assembly in December 2015.