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Phone: +7(495) 772-9590 * 26311, 26034
119049 Moscow, Shabolovka st. 28/11, b.4, room 1203
Email: bischool@hse.ru


School Head Svetlana V. Maltseva
Deputy Head of Research and Partnerships Vasily Kornilov
Deputy Head for International Relations Mikhail M. Komarov
Deputy Head for Admissions and Alumni Affairs Vladimir Samodurov
Deputy Head for Academic Affairs Yulia Taratuhina
The Hard Side of Business and IT Alignment

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Book chapter
Three-Parameter Kinetics of Self-organized Criticality on Twitter

Dmitriev V., Dmitriev A., Maltseva S. V. et al.

In bk.: Studies in Computational Intelligence (Complex Networks and Their Applications VIII). Vol. 881: Complex Networks and Their Applications VIII. Prt. 2. Springer, 2020. Ch. 881. P. 556-565.

Working paper
Russia’s Water Resources 2030: Plausible Scenarios

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Master of Science in Information Systems of the University of Muenster and Master of Business Informatics of the HSE


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent (minimum three year programme)
  • Studies in information systems, business computing or another similar field, such as informatics or business administration
  • Fundamental skills in information systems (process modeling), computer science (data modeling and software engineering), quantitative methods (operations research and statistics) and business administration
  • Sufficient English language skills

The following table shows examples for language certificates and minimal levels that are sufficient to meet the language requirement. Please note that the language requirements are compulsory, which means that without meeting them admission cannot be granted.




>=550 pts


>= 90 pts


>= 6.5 pts


A, B, C


A, B



Recommended course of studies

Russian students who participate in the first year of the Master's in Information Systems programme at the University of Muenster should select two out of four possible tracks for their one year of study in Muenster. Possible tracks include: process management, business intelligence, information management, and business networking. Each track consists of two modules (a winter term module and a summer term module), which are worth 6+6 CP – credit points – each. In addition, each semester an elective must be chosen for 6 CP. At least one elective (either in the winter term or in the summer term) must be a seminar.

Electives can be chosen from the remaining two tracks, or from courses in closely related Master's programmes at the University of Muenster (Informatics, Business Administration, and Economics). In the last case, the chosen courses must first be approved by the Faculty of Information Systems. Altogether, Russian students must achieve 60 credit points (according to the ECTS – European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) by passing all exams of each module and the electives. Grades will be based on continuous assessment and written examinations, which will be held each term. The modules and courses involved in each track and winter or summer term module are listed in the following table.










Winter Term

Managing IT in the

Information Age

(6+6 CP)



(6+6  CP)

Supply Chain


(6+6  CP)


Information Systems

(6+6  CP)

Managing the Information Age Organization

IM Tasks and Techniques

Workflow Management

Formal Specification

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Interorganizational Systems

Data Integration

Management Information Systems and Data Warehousing

Summer Term

Theories and Architectures

(6+6  CP)

Process Modeling in Production

(6+6  CP)

Enterprise Application Integration

(6+6  CP)

Data Analytics

(6+6  CP)

Information Management Theories

Information Architectures

Information Modeling

Production Planning and Control

Enterprise Application Integration

IT Security

Data Analytics - Theory

Data Analytics - Applications

The modules and courses within the modules held during the first year of study are predominantly lectures with integrated tutorials. In exceptional cases it is possible to combine two tracks and the modules or even courses from these as long as overall 60 credit points are achieved at the University of Muenster. The HSE recognizes these achievements at the University of Muenster as the equivalent of two semesters (each worth 30 CP) worth of studies at the HSE.

Likewise, German students who participate in the first year of the Master's in Business Informatics at the HSE should meet all regular requirements regarding courses for first year students. In particular, exchange students should successfully finish two semesters of studies worth up to 30 CP each so that they will have achieved 60 credit points for their first year of the dual degree master studies program at the HSE. The University of Muenster recognizes these achievements at the HSE as the equivalent of two semesters (each worth 30 CP) worth of studies at the University of Muenster.

Regarding the grades at the students’ home university for the second year, for students who spend their first year at the partner university, the following specification regarding credit points shall apply. Variations of these terms may only be applied in special cases if the examination board of the home university agrees to recognize different courses, seminars, project seminars etc. as equivalent to those offered at the home university.


University of Muenster

State University – Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Winter term

Project Seminar Module (12 CP)

= Project Seminar     (12 CP)

Elective Module

(18 CP)

= Two Electives (6 + 6 CP), One Seminar (6 CP)

Seminar Module

(18 CP)

= Research practice

(12 CP) +  Seminar

(6 CP)

Elective Module

(12 CP)

= Four Modules

(4 x 3 CP)

Summer term

Master Thesis (30 CP)

= Thesis (24 CP) + Research Methods (6 CP)

Master Thesis (30 CP)

= Thesis (24 CP) + Defense (6 CP)

Tuition and fees

At the University of Muenster students have to pay "Studienbeitrag" - a general fee that is used to improve teaching conditions, i.e., EUR 275 per term and "Semesterbeitrag" - a social fee including contributions to several facilities of the university, i.e., approximately EUR 190 per term.

At the HSE students are granted exemption from general and social fees.

For more information on the dual degree programme at the University of Muenster, please click here.